Home Visits For Cats Who Hate the Cattery


Cats are independent souls but taking them away from their home environment while you're away can be very stressful and disorientating.

We offer daily or twice daily visits to your home to care for your cat.
Everything is taken care of to ensure their wellbeing - a general health check, feeding, changing water, cleaning bowls, emptying litter trays and of course, plenty of cuddles and playtime. We can also give routine medication such as tablets or injections free of charge.
cat sitting newcastle

We take the time to get to know your cats, to play with them and give them the attention they deserve.Cats are such fascinating pets, each one is an individual with their own needs, likes and dislikes. They are very sense-orientated and finding out what they enjoy is part of the fun of looking after them. 
For playful cats we can provide toys (that you are welcome to keep) which are specifically suited to your cat - either sight, scent or sound. If your cat simply prefers to be stroked, cuddled or brushed we'll do that too!
Rather than being to confined to a cage in a cattery, your cats can roam in their own familiar territory, free to sun themselves on a favourite windowsill and feel completely comfortable and relaxed while you're away.
Picking up the mail, putting out bins, watering house plants and generally making your house look 'lived in' when you're not there is all part of the service.